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The 6 fds core principles

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    bE a hIGH vALUE wOMAN

    A high value woman is a woman who doesn't revolve her life around men. She has her own career, hobbies, and a great social life that fulfills her emotional needs, so if she does welcome a man in her life, he better be amazing. A high value woman also doesn't romanticize men's true nature, therefore she's cautious around them and wants them to prove themselves to her before she gets emotionally attached.

  • 02


    A man’s role is to be the pursuer, the one to convince you that he’s the right man for you. As a woman, you don’t have to prove yourself to him. He either sees your value or he doesn’t. The only thing that’s within your control is working on becoming your best self.

  • 03


    The majority of the advances you receive from men are not of any value, because the majority of them are from men who only want to use you for sex. Many men are sex-driven, low effort, and entitled. However, there are also men out there who can be amazing boyfriends and husbands who know how to be a man and how to take care of you in all ways.

  • 04


    We do ourselves and humanity no favors allowing men to exhibit subpar behavior and being rewarded with our attention. Thus, be ruthless in cutting off men who add no value to your life (happiness, emotional security, financial).

  • 05


    Don't have sex before commitment has been established (if you're looking for a relationship) or before he has demonstrated value and investment (if you're looking for FWBs). If a man is really into you and sees you as girlfriend material, he will commit to you in two months (or three months max). If you're looking to have a dependable FWB, you must still require investment from him so he provides you the respect and fun times that you want.

  • 06


    While we believe in having your own career and making your own money, a man still has to add financial value to your life and make you feel like he can take care of you. This means not splitting the bill and not dating financially challenged men.



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Our mission is to deconstruct toxic and self sabotaging cultural narratives that inhibit women from living their best lives and entering relationships that truly benefit them. We believe in promoting self advocacy, discarding victim narratives, and best serving ourselves and future children.

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